Client : Santander • Medium : Virtual Reality • 2017



For the 2017 International Motorshow in Germany, Santander decided to showcase a VR experience allowing player to compete in a VR pit stop game trying to mount tires onto a virtual Formula One car as fast as possible. The best players ended up on a leaderboard and would qualify for prizes.


I was brought in by the agency AutoActiva to build the experience, with only a week to deliver a basic prototype due to client constraints. We were able to surpass expectations by producing a functional game, with beautiful graphics and intuitive gameplay before the deadline. The experience debuted at IIA, the world's largest motor show.



Formula 1 Car


Player Teleporting


Player grabbing a tire


Player placing a tire



The experience was built in Unity, using a combination of custom and customer-provided assets. It was designed for the Oculus Rift, so that players can experience 6 degrees of freedom while competing. The experience had to be optimized to look fantastic while running on semi-portable hardware.


The images on this page were taken in game and in the Unity Engine, with extra effects enabled for dramatic effect. Due to the limitations of VR and for the comfort of users, the final experience did not have such a cinematic look.



Unity Editor View


Unity Editor View


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